How To Be Happy

Being positive isn’t always easy. But by implementing these 3 philosophies, I have become a happier person.

Treat your body right

As any Legally Blonde fan will know exercise gives you endorphin’s and endorphin’s make you happy. By treating your body with the respect it deserves, by regularly exercising, you will find yourself becoming a happier person. Treating your body right also means giving it a rest sometimes. Taking a well-earned pamper day where you put on a face mask and binge on Gossip Girl can be as important to your well-being as going for a run…At least I think so!

Don’t compare yourself to others

In this day and age, we are all constantly glued to our smartphones. I am guilty of this to the extreme, I constantly scroll through Instagram admiring other peoples beautifully filtered worlds. When I find myself in an Instagram coma, I try to take a step back and realise these images that I’m looking at are, just that, filtered images. People don’t post pictures of themselves crying or getting belittled by their boss at work. The social media lives of your peers do not accurately represent the real lives of your peers. So next time you see an image on Facebook of your co-worker living it up in Miami, don’t feel too jealous. Instead be happy and grateful for where you are right now. After all, they probably had to sit next to a crying baby for a 7-hour flight the day before.

Be more understanding

When I’m hungry I become the grumpiest version of myself. I complain non-stop about anything and everything until someone strategically stuffs a chocolate bar in my mouth. As a result, when I’m in the queue for the bus and someone pushes through, I stop and think – maybe they didn’t have breakfast this morning. Holding in anger and resentment towards others will only serve to make you angry. So let go of that anger and be more understanding – it will make you happier, I promise.

Let me know what you do to feel happier in the comments below.


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