How To Get A Graduate Job In Marketing

I recently graduated from university and I am currently on the graduate scheme at a top marketing agency. As a result, I know first hand how hard it can be applying for graduate jobs in marketing. That’s why I’ve put together this post, with my 3 top tips to get a graduate job at a marketing company. 

Get Relevant Work Experience

Getting the right work experience is key to showing your future employer that you are serious about a career in marketing. Like many students, I found it hard to get a part time job in a marketing role with little experience to my name. So I applied from a volunteer role, running the social media accounts of a local charity. Although this seems small, it bulks up your CV and opens up the door to paid marketing jobs. Running the charities twitter and posting pictures was fun and, as a very stereotypical millennial, something I knew a lot about. When I went on to apply for a small part time role at a local marketing agency, they were impressed that I had already gained some marketing experience, especially for a good cause!

Have A Unique Selling Point

A lot of people feel hesitant to brag about themselves. But it’s something you’ve got to learn to do when selling yourself to a top marketing company. I grew up in the Netherlands and spoke Dutch as a second language. To me this wasn’t really a skill, speaking Dutch was just a by-product of living there and it’s hardly a wide spoken language. Yet on my CV I raved about being bilingual as if it was the accomplishment of the century.

Be Confident & Passionate

Do not apply for a marketing job if you aren’t truly passionate about marketing. This will shine right through your CV. In the current job climate, thousands of people will potentially apply for your dream job. As a result, it is vital you prove that you care about marketing and are confident in your abilities, otherwise you do not stand a chance.

Let me know if these tips helped you in the comments below!


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