Cheap Date Ideas

Since it is January and everyone’s wallets are in a post Christmas state of recovery, I thought I’d do a quick post on my favourite cheap date ideas.


Go for a walk

On the surface this may seem like a dull date idea. However, not only is walking a great form of exercise, it is also a great time to talk. Some of my favourite memories occurred when I was out walking my dog with my friends because of the funny stories we’d exchange on our journey. Going for a walk with a loved one allows you to exchange your favourite memories together and become closer. (Very cheesy, I know!)


Have a Netflix binge

The cost of this date is so minimal. If you don’t have Netflix, steal your flatmate/co-worker/dads code and get on it! Then simply lie out a bunch of snacks and cuddle up on the sofa. It’s just like going to the cinema, with a more comfortable chair.


Go to a museum

Here in the UK, most museums are free of charge. From science to art, there’s a museum that could entertain anyone. Plus, after your intellectual adventure you’ll have plenty of new things to talk about.


Let me know what your favourite cheap date ideas are in the comments below!


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