Minimalism For Beginners

According to The Minimalists, “minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favour of focusing on what’s important – so you can find happiness, fulfilment and freedom.”  To me it simply means getting rid or cutting back on those things that no longer bring you happiness in order to live a more fulfilled life. A big part of my minimalism journey was overhauling my possessions. So I thought I would write a blog post on my four top tips for decluttering your life.


Get rid of spam email

Pencil a morning out where you can go through all your inboxes and unsubscribe from all those spam type mailing lists. Whilst you are doing this, it would also be a great idea to organise your useful emails into folders. This could be as simple as just creating a work file and a personal file.


Donate clothes you rarely wear

All of us have clothes we do not wear anymore, whether that is because they no longer fit or they are just worn out. It is time to donate them, sell them or simply toss them. Try to cut down your wardrobe to the pieces you actually wear on a regular basis. This allows you to feel so much less stressed when you look inside your wardrobe in the morning. It also allows you to appreciate the items you have more.


Be more considerate with your purchases

Before you buy anything, even the small things, consider their worth to you. I used to constantly take an Uber home from work, but then I weighed up the extra cost of that ride compared to the bus and realised that purchase was not worth it for me. Another great thing to do before you make a purchase is proper research. I used to buy make-up products whenever I was in a drugstore. Now I try to do a bit of research online to check the product is worth the money before buying it. By simply taking half a day to reflect on whether this purchase would truly enhance your life can make a world of difference.


Clear out your junk draw

Almost everyone I know has a junk draw in their house. Purge that draw! Get rid of the old receipts, business cards and broken pens. This is so easy to do and will leave you feeling very accomplished.


Let me know if these tips help you in the comments below.


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