My Favourite 3 Restaurants In Alcudia

Recently, myself and my boyfriend took a trip to Alcudia in Mallorca. It was amazing – blue skies, cold cocktails and warm sea water. I have complied a list of my favourite restaurants in the area in the hopes that a few of you might get to try them out in the future!

The best restaurant we went to was Floridita. It serves absolutely delicious cocktails. In particular, I would recommend their special Corona cocktail or a simple strawberry daiquiri. The food is also scrumptious, they have everything from pad thai to pizza. The restaurant is in the most beautiful beach side location, as you eat your meal you can almost dip your toes into the sea. Lastly, the service is next to none, all the staff are so smiley and polite.


Como en Casa was a close runner up for my favourite restaurant in Alcudia. If you want a seat, you will have to book as it is jam packed every single night! This restaurant serves the best tiramisu I have ever tired, and that’s saying something because I’ve eaten a lot of tiramisu in my life.

Blue Sapphire is the the last restaurant on this list. This place is a sea food lovers dream. The fish is so fresh and the presentation of the food in general is immaculate. I had a delicious sorbet for desert, it was the ultimate guilt free indulgence.

Have any of you gone to Alcudia? Did you try out any of these restaurants? Let me know in the comments below!






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